At most, four.  After a person applies for Disability and is denied, the next step is to appeal for reconsideration.  At this level, no hearing is required, and the application is reviewed a second time. 

If a person is denied at reconsideration, the next step involves a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.  Most disability cases that are won are done so at this stage.  If an applicant is denied at hearing, the next step is to get the decision reviewed by an appeals counsel, which is similar to reconsideration.  If a person loses at this level, they can then sue in Court.How Many Times Can You Appeal Social Security Disability

Disability attorneys are normally paid only if they win, and the terms tend to not exceed the lesser of 25% of the applicant’s back pay or $6,000.  However, if the applicant loses at the appeals level and has to sue, the rules change, and the applicant normally has to pay the lawyer up front.

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