Estate plans are like cars….no, really! When I was growing up, my grandfather taught me to always maintain a car. I was told that if I changed the oil and did the other things the service manual required, the car was less likely to break down. Conversely, if I did absolutely nothing, my car was likely to need a new transmission or engine. The same principle applies to estate planning.

Importance of Estate PlanningIn my world, disability is a far more complicated animal than death. If you become disabled to the point where you lose capacity (can’t make decisions for yourself) then If you need someone to such a decision, then they will have to obtain guardianship over you. Legally this can be a long, expensive process, and you will end up footing the bill.

If you don’t have a Will, the state of Texas has one for you. Passing away without a will is called “dying intestate.” After you pass away, someone is going to have to probate your intestate estate, which is more involved and expensive than probating a Will. Lastly, if your retirement accounts don’t have the beneficiaries properly named, or if your estate is taxable, then your estate or beneficiaries could end up paying a lot more in tax dollars than they otherwise would.

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