If a person dies without a Will, they are said to die intestate.  In other words, if a person doesn’t have a Will at the time they die, the State of Texas has one for them.  Who inherits what depends on what the family tree looks like at the time the person dies.  Generally speaking, spouses and children, if they exist, inherit most, if not all, of the property.What Happens To My Assets If I Pass Away Without A Will

A full probate for an intestate estate is more complex than one that has a Will.  It requires a judicial finding of heirship, which means that the Court formally declares who the deceased person’s heirs are.  That process involves a Court appointing an ad litem lawyer to represent the unborn and unknown heirs of the estate.  There are more steps to the process, meaning that it takes longer to complete and usually more expensive than its testate cousin.

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