Hiring a Business Formation AttorneyThe answer is yes and no. 

Everything depends on what you want for your business and to make sure you personally and the business are protected by different legal issues.  Online forms only provide a cookie cutter array of information, but an attorney can tailor the formation to suit your business and help try to protect you from future legal issues such as lawsuits.

Consult an Experienced Business Formation Attorney Today

People often wonder if they can use online legal forms or a document drafting service to start their business, rather than hiring a business formation attorney. While, in some cases, it may technically be possible to form a business without professional legal assistance, it usually isn't the wisest choice, as you may inadvertently and unnecessarily expose yourself to liability. Don't wait until you've been sued to speak with an attorney about your business. Contact Smith Klein Law PLLC today to schedule a private consultation.

Colin Smith
North Texas Estate Planning & Probate Attorney